You Don’t Need Permission

Sometimes I get the feeling there are a flood of women out there that didn’t get the memo that their life belongs to them.

Yes, that’s right.  Your life belongs to you.  Did you know this? 

Not to your children. Not to your spouse. Not to your job. Not to anyone or anything. Your life is yours. When you give away your energy to people and things outside of yourself, you give away your power…and ultimately, your life.

It’s ok if you didn’t get this memo. I’m a late bloomer too.

I only realized that my life was mine about 8 months ago.  The whole concept of owning my own life knocked me off my feet.  It didn’t feel natural at first; almost like I was trying too hard to just live on my terms. But it got easier. And before I knew it, I was in flow.  I had finally gained the power to free myself from the codependence that controlled me and those I loved.  I took back my independence and gave myself permission to live an authentic life.

Joy.  Peace.  Love. 

These are all words to describe what my heart began to sing (again).


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