Time Alone = Self-Love

Time alone to disconnect and quiet my mind has become a priority in my life over this past year. It is how I get closest to the love that comes from the source of all love.  This time alone provides me with the clarity I need to remember the truth of my existence:

I am not here to be all things to all people.

My worth is not defined by the expectations of others. 

Taking the time to connect with my creator is the greatest form of love and peace I could have ever imagined.  By detaching and being alone, I remember who I truly am and my purpose for being here.  It is only when I take care of myself in this way that I am able to show up as the most authentic version of me and become much more capable of giving love – especially in moments when the other person may not be deserving of it.

It wasn’t always this way.  But through practicing detachment and surrendering little by little, I began to trust the source of everything that is real and good in our world.  I learned that I should lean in, not mask, my uncomfortable emotions; thus, giving myself the permission to feel the sting from the pain of rejection.  I also learned how to know what is mine and what is not.

No matter how much someone else may hurt me, it is important that I feel what I need to feel.  My feelings are valid.  Being tender and caring to myself in these moments has not been easy, but this has been a critical component to my healing.  Ignoring my feelings by fighting for validation and acceptance is not LOVE.  That mindset is driven by FEAR and it’s what empties us and keeps us stuck in that dysfunctional cycle of self-inflicted pain and suffering.

I cannot operate from a place of love if I do not create the space I need to bring my focus back to SELF on a daily basis.


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